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After 50 seconds I looked in the mirror and was astonished [...] my cheekbones, eyebrows and jawline had tightened and lifted. - Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Director

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It's literally like rubbing your way to healthier, glowier skin. - Eva Ramirez, Health and Beauty

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The flush means you're drawing circulation to the skin. The result? A stress-free complexion. - Lisa Oxenham, Beauty and Style Director

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Just one minute of use every day will relax muscles, increase circulation and boost collagen for plumped, radiant skin - Hannah Coates, Beauty Editor

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One of my go to tools - Victoria Woodhall, Editor

Press Telegraph Magazine
The Body RestorerTM is addictive. - Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Director

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The effects of [Hayo'u Method Rituals] on my circulation are immediate. The shaking and drumming sends a whoosh of energy from top to toe [...] - Sarah Stacey, Health Editor

About Katie Brindle

Katie specialises in a remarkable combination of detailed diagnosis and self-treatment, drawing upon the extraordinary legacy of Yang Sheng.

She's been working in Chinese Medicine since 2002, practising Tui Na massage and reflexology. During this time, she also studied TCM and then qualified as a five elements Chinese medical practitioner from the UK's College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.

Katie used this experience and her knowledge to advise self-treatment to her patients in between appointments at her clinic. As a result, she started to notice that those who followed the advice and techniques were making significantly better progress than those who didn't.

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Using a combination of 5 element and ba zi chart theory, Katie has a startlingly accurate ability to identify the root cause of a health issue. In Chinese medicine the face is an indicator of health or disease. By studying skin conditions and changes, she can determine inner imbalances and stressed areas of the body. Katie is then able to offer a treatment plan which usually takes the form of simple self-care techniques based on Yang-Sheng. Plans are designed to work in conjunction with any existing treatment.

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Katie's Expertise

Katie Practising Yang Sheng

Yang Sheng

Yang Sheng (nourish life) is one of the most important concepts of Chinese health. Katie offers practical self-healing techniques rooted in this ancient wisdom. She will teach you to nurture your own body and regain balance - transforming you physically, emotionally and energetically. Practise her simple daily rituals that help you on the path to a long and healthy life. Start today.

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The Hayo'u Method

The Hayo'u Method is designed to relax the body, enable free-flow of circulation and support the lymphatic system. Feel refreshed, restored, and energised by employing the mind-body approach of Chinese wisdom through our one-minute rituals, award-winning Beauty RestorerTM, bathing minerals and more.

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What is Chinese Medicine - Candles image

Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is a natural healing system that has been used by millions of people for thousands of years. The key to it is an incredibly sophisticated understanding of how the body works both physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

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Hayo'u Method Products


Katie has developed a range of high-quality Gua sha massage tools, skincare solutions and bathing products to compliment the self-care 'One-Minute Rituals'. You can purchase these products directly from the Hayo'u Method Website. You'll also find a wealth of knowledge about self-care and health on there too.

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