Katie's Story

Inspired by Chinese medicine, the Hayo'u Method was founded by Katie Brindle. Katie is the only qualified Chinese practitioner in the UK currently offering the combination of technique and product to a mass market.

Katie specialises in a remarkable combination of detailed diagnosis and self-treatment drawing upon the extraordinary legacy of Yang Sheng, which is set to be huge in 2018. She's been working in Chinese Medicine since 2002, practising Tui Na massage and reflexology. During this time, she also studied TCM and then qualified as a five elements Chinese medical practitioner from the UK's UK's Integrated College of Chinese Medicine.

Katie also employs Chinese face reading as one of her diagnostic tools, which also include 5 elements and Ba Zi chart theory. Combined, they offer a unique approach to resolving existing issues and maintaining optimum health. The ancient practice of face reading can give you a valuable insight into your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. The lines, features, colour and even expressions of your face reveal valuable clues about your internal health. Our internal organs are linked to our face via meridian channels, offering a direct reflection of what is going on inside.

Hayo'u is not only the culmination of Katie's career, but also her health journey. After a car accident that ended her dreams of becoming an opera singer, followed by complications around fertility, weight, stress, depression and daytime fatigue, Katie resolved to solve her own health problems naturally. She was amazed to discover that over and over again Chinese Medicine enabled just that - and was thus inspired to continually train and extend her knowledge as far as possible.

During her years in clinic, Katie would always advise self treatment to her patients in between appointments. She observed that those who followed the advice and techniques would improve dramatically faster than those who did not. With this in mind she focused her attention on deepening her knowledge as far as possible. Self-care or 'yang sheng' is a central aspect of Chinese medicine, hugely beneficial, yet largely unknown in the West. Committed to promoting the brilliance of Chinese diagnosis and Yang Sheng to as wide an audience as possible, Katie structured her knowledge into the acclaimed self-treatment method, Hayo'u, in 2017.

Katie has been featured widely in the UK press, including Vogue, Grazia, You Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Prima and The Daily Mail. She has conducted hugely successful pop up clinics for high profile companies including: Knight Frank Real Estate, the Soho House group, the DVLA and the South Kensington Club.

Katie lives with her family and divides her time between Somerset and London and divides her professional time between London and Asia. Her prime focus as a Chinese medicine practitioner is to evangelize the Hayo'u Method to benefit as wide an audience as possible.

Katie's Experience

Advanced level in Ba Zi reading:

2018 - Present: Katie is currently studying to Master level with the I Ching Association. The UK I Ching Association aims to promote the most authentic and comprehensive knowledge system to the West and to create a global standard for Ba Zi studies.

2015 - Present: Self-care expert and qualified Chinese medicine physician. Founder of the Hayo'u Method, a self-care system rooted in the remarkable ancient philosophy of Yang-Sheng.

Chinese physician:

2006 - 2018: Katie works in Somerset and London treating using Qi Gong, Tui Na, reflexology, acupuncture, culinary herbs/dietary advice.

Self employed Therapist specializing in Asian therapies:

2001 - 2006: Katie worked as a self employed therapist specializing in Asian therapies including Tui Na Massage, reflexology, and acupressure.

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